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  Family law, or colloquially, divorces and separations, when problems occur in the more intimate and personal of the litigants, require professional lawyers who try to mitigate and minimize the suffering of the client to be involved in a process family.

  Our attorneys have the experience needed to provide the best solution in such matters of family, not only in separations and divorces, not only consensual or contentious, but also to other procedures. We can help you in:

· Separation and Divorce.
· Modification of Definitive measures of the divorce (children pension, family home, compensatory pension, etc).
· Measures father-son (unmarried couples).
· Save and Child Custody.
· Dissolution and Liquidation of matrimonial property.
· Processes of Adoption, Guardianship and Disability.
· Claim of Paternity or Filiations Contesting.
· Assisting counsel in all types of civil proceedings in family court.
· Alimony (children pension) and Compensatory pension for wife/husband.

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